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Arenas are maps in Quake Champions.

The maps in Quake Champions typically consist of multiple areas connected together with intersecting passageways containing weapons, health, and other pickups. Maps come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from rather small (such as Vale of Pnath and Awoken) to extremely extensive with wide open areas (such as Molten Falls or Church of Azathoth).

In Quake Champions, being adept at gunplay is only half the battle; throughout a match, players must be able to utilize and fight for control over health, armor, power-ups, and Mega-Health along with Heavy Armor. Because of this, intricate knowledge of maps and their layouts can prove valuable in order to achieve a decisive victory.

Certain also have an extended version of themselves in the gamemodes such as Capture the Flag, Sacrifice, and Slipgate.


The currently playable maps are:

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