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B.J. Blazkowicz

Champion Data

Health.PNG 125/100
Armor.PNG 50/100
Speed.PNG 310/-

Active Ability

Duel Wield

Passive Ability



BJ Blazkowicz is a champion appearing in Quake Champions. BJ Blazkowicz was added during Open Beta on June 14, 2017.[1]


William "Billy" Joseph Blazkowicz the One-Man Army is a Polish-American male with blonde hair and blue eyes hailing from Mesquite, Texas. He is the main character for Id Software's Wolfenstein game series.

BJ Blazkowicz hasn’t led an easy life. From a troubled past, to a bloody career as a soldier, and now this: years trapped in the Dreamlands, forced into combat with other Champions from across the waking world. No, ol’ “Terror-Billy” hasn’t had the best of luck – but in Quake Champions, he’ll be able to take all the skills he’s picked up over the years and really put them to the test.[2]


During World War II, William B.J. Blazkowicz was the top agent of the Office of Secret Actions (OSA), a joint American-British agency responsible for thwarting several occult research operations by the German war effort.

When the notorious General Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse attempted to harness the power of the so-called “Black Sun Dimension,” B.J. entered the dreamlike realm to destroy the apparatus that would power Deathshead’s doomsday weapon.

After an explosion sent B.J. into a coma for 14 years, he awoke to a world ruled by the Germans. B.J. vowed to revive the dormant resistance and overthrow their evil empire.


Duel Wield[]

Bj skill icon.png

BJ calls for back-up and answers his own call. Double fisting weapons, BJ takes turns firing them in rapid succession to lay down some heavy fire, but he will also burn through some serious ammo to do so.

  • Fire Rate Increase: x1.3
  • Duration: 5.4 seconds
  • Cool Down: 45 seconds
  • Initial Fire Delay: 400 milliseconds

Thanks to his time spent as a dual-wielding badass in the waking realm, BJ is able to effectively dual-wield any weapons in the game, making him twice as deadly when his active ability is triggered.[3]

Roughly doubling his damage output, Duel Wield can have exceptional kill potential if used at the right time and with the right weapons. Duel wield Tribolt or Rocket Launcher can create an almost impenetrable wall of spam while Super Nailgun or, better yet, Lightning Gun can absolutely melt enemies at close range. If switching weapons while the ability is active, B.J. will duel wield whatever weapon is selected.

Though the animation of the ability shows B.J. holding two weapons, the way the ability really works is by giving a 1.25x boost to weapon firing speed. Because of the fire rate increase, the cycle time (the delay after firing a weapon where you cannot fire or switch again) of the weapon in use also decreases, allowing for fast switching of weapons for different situations.

If activated after immediately firing the Rocket Launcher, Tribolt, or Railgun, you will still have to wait for the weapon to reload before being able to utilize the duel wield's boosted firing speed. It is recommended to preemptively activate Duel Wield for those weapons before firing.


After several seconds out of combat, B.J. will heal himself to fill the current health pip.

Who in Quake Champions couldn’t benefit from a little automatic health regeneration? When BJ isn’t under fire and taking damage, he can recover any damaged health inside one 25 HP block. Step out of combat for three seconds and a small portion of health will pop back. Not too shabby for an old soldier.[4]




Mastering BJ Blazkowicz - Frothy

Game Play[]

Deathmatch & Burial Chamber - Rocket Jump Ninja