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Capture the Flag, aka CTF, is a gamemode for Quake Champions. It was announced on July 27, 2018[1] and finally released December 20, 2018[2].


In CTF, two teams will face off and attempt to snatch each other's flag while simultaneously defending their own. Such a task will require multiple players using teamwork and their own individual skill to attack and defend.


  • The two Teams consist of 4 players each
  • Score a point by stealing the enemy team's flag and returning it to your team's base
  • To capture and score a point, your team's flag must not be taken.
  • Matches are split into 2 halves and teams will switch bases.
  • The team with the most flag capture points wins the match..
  • If the match results in a tie, the team with the higher XP wins.

Supported Maps[]

The currently available maps to play CTF are:

Initial Announcement[]

You hoped, you speculated, and now your dreams are coming true: Capture the Flag is CONFIRMED! The quintessential team-based mode that started it all, in Capture the Flag, two teams will vie for control of the enemy team’s flag while protecting their own at all costs. Currently, the team with the most caps after 20 minutes wins, but we may implement a flag cap limit. Matches are played in two 10-minute halves, with teams switching positions at the half. Champions also cannot use abilities while carrying the flag.

This is the mode players have been waiting for, and as Quake Champions is very community-driven we want to heavily involve you in the creation process. Our plan is to get CTF onto the Public Test Server soon and have the community weigh in with your feedback. This mode is very much a work in progress: with your help, we’ll be iterating on it to make sure it’s awesome.[1]


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