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Deft Engineer

Champion Data

Health.PNG 125/100
Armor.PNG 50/100
Speed.PNG 310/-

Active Ability

Sentry Turret

Passive Ability



Eisen is a Medium Champion in Quake Champions added in the November 2018 patch.


Even as a starship captain who’s seen more than his fair share of struggles, nothing could prepare Eisen for the bloodshed caused when the Clutch AI turned homicidal against its human masters – killing Eisen’s closest friends and loved ones in the process. Now hunting down the rogue robot through the Dreamlands, Eisen utilizes his special ability – the Sentry Turret – to watch his back. Once deployed, the Sentry Turret can alert Eisen of an enemy’s presence and fire off warning shots as a deterrent. While useful in keeping a step ahead of his foes, Eisen’s Turret focuses on utility over raw damage and is susceptible to enemy fire, so be mindful where you place it![1]


When he married Akiko Tetsuo, executive and heiress of the Tetsuo Manufacturing Corporation, he adopted her prestigious surname. For years he piloted the starship that shuttled her between exoplanetary mining projects.
But when the central AI controlling countless mining robots on Tau Ceti F became corrupted and homicidal, e arrived too late to rescue her. After working to evacuate the survivors, he swore to track down the source of the AI's corruption: the same mining bot that killed Akiko.
His hunt led him to a newly excavated cavern, where ornate stone carvings surrounded a swirling, squirming void of eldritch energy...

Eisen Bio Part 1

Personal journal. Entry, uh, one, I guess.

Akiko's been on me for years to keep a diary like she does. It's the one thing she's ever asked that I brushed off. I didn't mind taking her name back in the day, since it's her family's company. I agreed to captain the Toki Maru, even though I never wanted to be in charge of anything. But narrating a bunch of trivial stuff for posterity? Too much trouble. Figured I'd finally do it, surprise her when we got back, but we may have bigger surprises to worry about.


Sentry Turret[]


Places an automated turret that tracks enemies and fires hyperblaster laser bolts.

  • Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Turret Health: 120 HP
  • Turret Damage: 15 dmg
  • Turret Rate of Fire: 200 ms
  • Turret Cone of Coverage: 360 Degrees (Full Sphere)

The Turret cannot be used to body block pickups.


Reduce ability time cooldown by 10% when collecting Light Armors and 20% when collecting Heavy Armor.