Quake Champions Wiki
The Default Gauntlet

Weapon Data

Damage Per Shot
Rate of Fire
25 ms
Damage Per Second
Starting Ammo
Max Ammo
Very Close

The Gauntlet is a weapon appearing in Quake Champions.


The classic melee favorite. An excellent way to humiliate your opponent.

Though the damage per second is nothing to scoff at, usage of this weapon should only be restricted to very specific situations.


  • One situation in which the Gauntlet can be used is when running away from an opponent. Go through a portal or, a more risky option, up a jump pad and wait for opponent to follow you. If everything goes right and they are caught off guard, you can get one or two hits in with the Gauntlet before they realize what's happening, securing the kill.
    • Be sure to keep this in mind while chasing enemies as well; always pause before instantly following an opponent through a portal. It may be a good choice to find another flank route instead.
  • If an enemy DOOM Slayer is using his Berserk ability and trying to punch you, pull out the Gauntlet and just hold it out while moving up to him. He cannot switch to any weapons and worst case scenario he takes 75 damage every time he punches you.
  • Though it is recommended to wait for specific situations before using the gauntlet, sometimes just pulling it out during a firefight while you're very close to your opponent can be so unexpected that you can get a kill out of it.