Large-Scale Tech Test was a period of open beta that ran from May 12, 2017 to May 21. The Champion Visor and the Gamemode Sacrifice were released on May 12 while the Gamemode Duel was released on May 17.


We're thrilled to announce that the NDA for Quake Champions ends May 12. Stream the fun during Closed Beta![1]

Haven’t been able to get into the Closed Beta? You’re in luck! From May 12 through May 21, there will be a Large-Scale Tech Test where everyone who wants to play Quake Champions will be able to. No wondering if you’re going to get a code – you’ll get it right away! Unlike the previous weekends-only structure, the game will remain live 24/7 during the Tech Test. Test out all the currently available Champions and maps for 9 days straight and let us know what you think in the Quake Champions forums.

With the Tech Test now in effect, the player NDA is official dropping, meaning you can now stream, capture, share and discuss the game publicly! We can’t wait to see you all show off your skills online.[2]


Visor will be available to try out during the Large-Scale Tech Test, which will run from May 12 through May 21 and be open to anyone who wants to hop in. Go to to get your code for the Tech Test and take a look at Visor in our latest trailer.[3]


During the Tech Test, you’ll also be able to try out an all-new 4v4, team-based competitive mode: Sacrifice. Pick your teams and Champions wisely and work together to dominate the Arena in this new mode.[4]


The Quake Champions Large Scale Test Tech is now live and will run until May 21. The Tech Test is welcoming all players and includes Duel mode as well as the new team-based competitive mode, Sacrifice. Players who want to join in the fragfest can head to to sign up and receive a key.[5]

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