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Roller Queen

Champion Data

Health.PNG 125/100
Armor.PNG 0/75
Speed.PNG 320/2000

Active Ability

Plasma Trail

Passive Ability

Crouch Slide


Slash is a champion appearing in Quake Champions. Slash has been avaiable to play since the Closed Beta on April 6, 2017.[1]


Slash is a roller queen in the Arena, cutting a lethal path through the other Champions.

On her skates, she’s a force to be reckoned with – quick, agile and ever-so-deadly, wreaking havoc with her Plasma Trail.[2]


It began with the music box from her grandmother’s attic. She couldn't fall asleep unless its tiny ice-skater was twirling to Swan Lake. Then she began to hear it in her dreams. Then always.

She resolved to become a skater herself. She would twirl and twirl until the music stopped. But it never stopped. She began to see strange, spidery things.

When clozapine didn’t help, she turned to heroin. In the shooting gallery, she met a boy who saw things too. They became inseparable... until the things they saw became real.


Plasma Trail[]

Slash’s skates are far from ordinary. When you activate her Plasma Trail active ability, she leaves a glowing path in her wake, instantly damaging anyone who touches it. Pressing the button to activate the Plasma Trail again immediately causes the trail to detonate, which causes even more damage to anyone nearby. Use this ability to set traps for your opponents down hallways or work with your team to corner other players and snare them in a Plasma Trail cage before detonating it.[3]

Slash skill icon.png

Slash leaves a stream of energy behind her. The plasma trail will damage any enemy that touches it, and when the ability button is pressed again, the trail will explode, damaging nearby enemies.

  • Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Plasma Trail Explosion Maximum Splash Damage: 25 damage
  • Plasma Trail Explosion Minimum Splash Damage: 10 damage

Crouch Slide[]

Slash can perform a crouch slide by crouching just when she lands on the ground after jumping.

Slash is all about agility. She twirls and dances through the Arena like a pro, and her Crouch Slide passive ability helps her do that. While she’s skating, Slash can drop down into a low crouch without losing any of her speed, making her a much smaller target. While crouching, she can also turn much quicker than many of the other Champions, allowing her to rapidly switch directions and navigate the space around her with ease.[4]

  • Minimum Crouch Slide Movespeed: 272 ups
  • Maximum Crouch Slide Movespeed: 818 ups


  • Mis-timing the crouch when hitting the ground will significantly reduce the duration and speed of the slide


Skating was always an obsession for Slash. In her head she could hear a melody, one that compelled her to twirl and dance and skate. She heard the music in her dreams more and more, until it just never stopped. It was a constant, unending song and so she kept skating.

The music got to her, and she began to see things. Impossible things. She was seeing entire separate realities. She turned to drugs to try to quell the music and the visions, starting with clozapine and moving onto heroin when nothing got better.

In this haze of music and drugs, she met a boy who could see the strange, warped plane of existence she saw. Slash wasn’t alone with the music in her head anymore. She stuck by the boy’s side and as they lost themselves in more and more drug trips, the other world became real, drawing them in until they both found themselves trapped in eternal battle in the Dreamlands with a host of other Champions from the waking realm.[5]


As a young girl, Slash listened the whispers of spiders. Familiar words beckoned to her from the Dreamlands, spoken by ancient, more alien things…[6]




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