Slipgate is a game mode in Quake Champions.


Slipgate is a gamemode in Quake Champions available since the October Patch.

It is a round based game mode with similar roots in a Search and Destroy mode commonly found from other games.

Unlike traditional S&D, the slipgate (the bomb)'s countdown starts immediately. Each round lasts 2 minutes. After 4 rounds are played, the sides switch. The victor is the team that is the first to win 5 rounds.

There are 3 stages for the slipgate that give attackers the opportunity to win the round by closing the slipgate. If they close the slipgate before the timer reaches a stage, they will win the round.

  • First stage is at 1:00 minute.
  • Second stage is at 1:30 minutes.
  • The Third and final stage is at 2:00 minutes.

For example, if it is only 45 seconds into the round, the attackers only have to close the slipgate before 1 minute elapses (the first stage) to win the round.

If it is 1:15 minutes into the round, the attackers have to close the slipgate before 1:30 minutes elapses (the second stage) to win the round.


Slipgate is a brand-new mode in development that blends the elimination-based gameplay of fan-favorite Clan Arena with an objective. In this 4v4 offense vs. defense mode, the goal is for the offense to seal the defending team’s slipgate portal before it opens completely—the defenders must eliminate the attackers to win. The catch? Everyone only has one life! There are no respawns in this mode until the round is over!

Players select their Champion at the start of each round and, like Clan Arena, spawn in carrying all weapons and with full health and armor at overmax limit (decays naturally), and full ammo. Once a player dies, they can spectate their teammates to cheer them on. (And maybe pick up some tips from spectating!)

Slipgate is another mode we’re looking to get your feedback on once it hits the PTS, and we hope players will really enjoy it. We think it’s a mode that we think will be especially great for all of the awesome streamers in our Quake community.

In addition to the mode itself, some great features have been built for Slipgate that can be implemented into other modes in the future, such as 3rd person cam, team HUDs, and round-based Champion selection.[1]

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