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Quake Champions - Spring Celebration Update

Spring Celebration ran from March 15, 2018 to June 7, 2018.

Flowers blooming, gibs raining...it must be the Quake Champions Spring Update!

Spring is here, and it brings with it a new game update! Celebrate the season of Cthalha with new modes, limited-time vanity items, and a decorative makeover on Cthalha’s maps: Ruins of Sarnath and Tempest Shrine!


The Spring Celebration comes with new content players can unlock during the season of Cthalha:

   Profile icons
   Champion shaders – Pastels
   Weapon shaders – Pastels

Spring headwear:

   Unicorn Hat
   Flower Crown
   Eggshell Hat
   New Life Branches
   During the Spring Celebration, cherry blossom petals can be seen floating in the Main Menu
   Players can find—and break!—Easter Eggs hidden throughout Cthalha's domain: Ruins of Sarnath and Tempest Shrine. (Ruins of Sarnath also has a more spring-like feel to the map!)