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Super Shotgun
Super Shotgun Side.png

Weapon Data

Damage Per Pellet
Pellets Per Shot
Rate of Fire
1000 ms
Damage Per Second
Up to 140 dmg/sec
Starting Ammo
Max Ammo

The Super Shotgun is a weapon appearing in Quake Champions.


An upgrade to the Shotgun, the Super Shotgun has the potential to deal much more damage at very close range. Even if shot at medium range, the increased pellet count allows the Super Shotgun to deal more chip damage than the starting shotgun can.

When fired, the pellets spread out in 3 rings of 9 pellets with one extra, centered pellet.


  • If you find yourself in a close range engagement with an enemy, using the Super Shotgun can lead to some surprisingly quick kills. The weapon's extremely high damage per shot can make quick work of any enemy too close for comfort, with two or three well placed meat-shots enough to bring down almost any healthy champion.
    • Keep in mind, chunking enemies for large portions of their health generally only happens at extremely close range.
  • Aiming will be vital to having success with this weapon. The huge 1 second delay between shots means a missed shot can very realistically be the difference between a kill and dying.
  • A good way to easily get a lot of damage off is by waiting around a corner you know a trailing enemy will come around. Getting one good, clean shot to the face could easily swing a kill your way.