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Team Deathmatch is a game mode in Quake Champions.

Team Deathmatch


Two teams face off against each other. Control the arena and kill your foes.

Game Rules[]

Team Deathmatch places two teams of 4 players against one another. There is no restriction on champion switching during a game. Scoring is simple: kill enemies to earn points for your team.

Players fight until one team reaches 75 points or the time limit of 10 minutes is reached, at which point whichever team has the higher score will win.


Though Team Deathmatch is usually played in public lobbies and as such a strategy isn't entirely feasible, there are still things the player can do to improve their team's chances of winning.

  • Remember that you can see your teammate's health. Because of the large number of players, pickups may not be as plentiful. If a team mate is severely hurt, consider letting them take the health/armor pickups instead of taking them for yourself. One less weak team mate means the enemy team won't get a free kill.
  • 2 vs 1 is always better than 1 vs 1. If you see a teammate having trouble with an enemy player, jump in and lend a hand. Most likely, this is all that's needed to turn the tide of the fight and ensure a kill while keeping your team mate alive.
  • Though this is a general tip for any gamemode, try your very best to keep track of the Mega-health and Heavy Armor spawn times. With so many enemies to fight, having a bit of extra health or armor could mean surviving the next engagement.


Game Play[]

Nyx & Ruins of Sarnath - Rocket Jump Ninja

Ranger & Longest Yard - Frothy