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Cybernetic Clone

Champion Data

Health.PNG 125/100
Armor.PNG 50/100
Speed.PNG 310/-

Active Ability

Piercing Sight

Passive Ability

Full Spirint

Visor is a champion appearing in Quake Champions. Visor was added during Large-Scale Tech Test on May 12, 2017.[1]


Visor the Cybernetic Clone is a Russian male human cyborg with black hair and a tall buzz cut. He first appeared in id Software's Quake III Arena.

Visor made his debut in Quake 3 Arena, and now he’s back for more bloodshed in Quake Champions. This ruthless, unfeeling killer lives for the fight, and he’s damn good at it. With his Piercing Sight active ability, Visor is designed to always be one step ahead of his opponents, making him perfect for any strategist looking to have some fun in the Arena.[2]


To produce the perfect infantry, Moscow's GRU deployed cybernetics, genetics, and even cloning. The result: tireless operatives impervious to panic or pain, with "manageable" psychopathy. But their senses were dulled - especially sight.

The project turned to a cryptic American scientist and double agent. Just 3 of 20 subjects returned, each with a grafted mask, inexplicable normal vision, and the ability to see through matter.

Attempts to reverse-engineer the mask were fatal and revealed only a layer of putrefied blood within the mask. Disposal of the casualties remains unconfirmed.


Piercing Sight[]

Using his Piercing Sight active ability, Visor can temporarily see through all matter, allowing him to keep tabs on any opponents who may be trying to get the drop on him. He can even use his Sight to track Nyx after she has activated Ghost Walk. Good luck trying to sneak up on a man who can see through walls.[3]

Visor skill icon.png

Visor's special sight allows him to see enemies through walls.

  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds

Piercing Sight allows Visor to clearly see Strogg while he's using Peeker and Nyx while she uses Ghost Walk.

Activating Piercing Sight will cause Visor to announce it out loud as audio.

Full Sprint[]

Visor is agile and has superior strafe jumping skills.

  • The ability gives Visor higher air acceleration than normal champions.
    • On average, it's around a 10% increase in air acceleration.

Visor may be cocky about his skills, but he certainly has the speed to back up his claims. He can even keep up with the fast-talking (and faster moving) Anarki. Thanks to his Full Sprint passive ability, Visor can continually gain speed when strafe-jumping, with no cap on just how fast he can go. If you’ve got the skill, you’ll be able to keep up with anyone. Paired with Piercing Sight, Visor is a handful in Deathmatch and the perfect choice to bring along for a Duel.[4]


Piercing Sight

  • Piercing Sight's cooldown is one of the longest for an active ability that is arguably one of the strongest in the game. Knowing when to use it can give you or your teammates a huge advantage.
  • Since Piercing Sight has no offensive capabilities, keeping track of major items and using the ability to attack unsuspecting opponents is extremely important.
  • Unlike other champions where their abilities can be used in one way or another to escape or get the upper hand, as Visor the only skills you can really rely on in a 1v1 fight are your own. Because of this, it is of utmost importance that players have extensive knowledge and skill on movement and combat before playing Visor.
    • However, Visor can also be a good first champion to help newer players learn these important skills through continued practice.
  • Communication as Visor, especially in 2v2's is crucial to his success as a champion, keeping both you and your team mate informed on your opponents' whereabouts.
  • Be sure to know where hourglasses are located on the current map. With such a long cooldown on his ability, each one is extremely helpful.
  • Aginst Nyx ,try holding off on using Piercing Sight until she uses Ghost Walk, cutting off her attempted escape or sneak attack.
  • If going for Quad Damage/Protection, it may be wise to use sight beforehand to scout out enemy positions in order to plan an attack. On the other hand, using sight after getting the power-up is also extremely strong in catching opponents off guard as they spawn.
  • If leaving from a fight, Piercing Sight can be used to see where an enemy player is going to try and flank, allowing for safe escapes.

Full Sprint

  • It's highly advisable, because of this, to learn strafe jumping, circle jumping, and rocket boosting before playing Visor.

Included below is a table comparing Visor's air acceleration to other champions'

Air Acceleration Comparison to Visor
Champion Air Acceleration % Slower
Visor 1.012279 0%
Anarki, Nyx, Slash, 0.85 16.23%
B.J. Blazkowicz, DOOM Slayer, Galena, Ranger, Strogg and Peeker 0.9057232 10.66%
Clutch, Keel, Scalebearer, Sorlag 0.9671111 4.52%


Moscow’s GRU designed Visor to be the perfect soldier. Tireless. Unfeeling. Impervious to pain and panic. A clone equipped with cybernetic enhancements, Visor is more machine than man. A mask filled with strange putrefied blood was grafted onto his face, giving him the ability to see through matter. He’s a predator through-and-through, and now the Arenas of the Dreamworld have become his hunting grounds, where he stalks the other Champions with boundless persistence.[5]


A GRU genetic experiment, Visor is impervious to pain and fear—but at the cost of his senses. His mask augments his sight and allows him to see through solid matter.[6] Beneath his grafted mask, strange runes have been carved into Visor’s eyeless face.[7]

Lore Codex[]

Visor Bio Part 1[]
*CLASSIFIED* - Intercepted correspondence from GRU official "FLUKE," real name REDACTED, to KGB official "TRAPDOOR," real name [REDACTED] - 20 MAR 1990 - FLUKE: Three of our republics have elected ethnic nationalists. WE project another three will do so imminently. Soviet control eroding faster than projections. We have fast-tracked Project Mountain King. [REDACTED] reports that Soldier Prime, a generic hybrid of Spetsgruppa A elites and Black Dolphin prisoners, is now a viable embryo in vitro. Accelerated maturation procedures have begun. Design of cybernetic enhancements is nearly complete.
Visor Bio Part 2[]
12 AUG 1991 - TRAPDOOR: Prime's maturation complete. [REDACTED]'s telesthesia work in Leningrad was successful but will not be continued for cost reasons. (We will not be replacing the three institutionalized researchers.) Spetsnaz combat training now underway. Complications (1) Intermittent explosive disorder persists. Casualties include seven handlers and four guard dogs. Have your geneticists address this in clone iterations. (2) Flesh is necrotizing at cybernetic contact sites but is not affecting performance. This is a side effect of the paranormal experiments and will not be present in clones, unfortunately.
Visor Bio Part 3[]
19 MAY 1992 - TRAPDOOR: Surviving paranormal researchers at St. Petersburg have been in covert contact with US scientist W. G[REDACTED] regarding a solution to the congenital sight impairment of the 20 clones of Iteration 9. He claims he can engineer full telesthesia in at least one subject, but he has three demands: all 20 clones delivered for experimentation, no oversight, and access to certain antiquities in the Hermitage vaults. Funding has ceased since dissolution of Supreme Soviet; we have little choice. [REDACTED] being questioned about W. G.'s knowledge of the vaults.
Visor Bio Part 4[]
03 FEB 1993 - FLUKE: Received report of eleven deceased clones from W. G.'s research. Progress evident in the one corpse he agreed to return: a steel visor grafted onto the face. Removal reveals full enucleation and unknown runes cut into the flesh around the ocular orbits. No evidence of cyberneural interface, but we found a film of decayed blood between the metal and tissue. Testing has shown this to be an indeterminate number of organisms, some human. Shipping remains to your St. Petersburg team for further investigation.
Visor Bio Part 5[]
11 OCT 1993 - TRAPDOOR: Do not request or accept any further material from the American. Sabotage suspected. Multiple researchers report sleep disturubances and disembodied, unintelligible whispers after examination of the remains. [REDACTED] attempted to remove her own eyes. We will assume that Prime is the sole result of Project Mountain King going forward. Related: Advanced necrosis hasd no effect on Prime's deployment in the Yeltsin siege of White House last week. Tank fire successfully distracted from his operation, in which several key Chechnyan loyalists were eliminated.
Visor Bio Part 6[]
21 JUL 1994 - FLUKE: Final report from W. G. processed. Explains little. Deceased clones total 17 but we cannot confirm the deaths or disposal. Unexpected good news: Three subjects survived and have returned for training. Initial evaluation of engineered sight surpasses our expectations: Subjects can "see" multiple targets through several layers of material, including concrete, steel, and carbon fiber. Neither movement nor heat required for successful tracking. We believe the mechanism is paranormal in nature, so we are sending one subject for your team for reverse engineering.




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